This is a video project that took place from October to November 2011. It involved students from two 7th grade classes (middle school). After doing a unit on cooking, recipes and food in class,  the children were asked to produce a video at home. Here are the instructions they had.You can watch and comment on the videos they produced  from the links at the bottom of the page.


In groups of maximum 3 people, you are going to film yourselves preparing a recipe. You can use a digital photo camera with film option, a mobile phone with film option or photographs mixed with film like the Back to the Roots video shown in class. You can edit these from your desktop on Windows Movie Maker or iMovie or directly online with other digital film editors, like YouTube and many others. It can be saved in flash format,  mp4, mv4, wmv or ogg file on a pen drive and should be also uploaded to YouTube or your VoiceThread school account. Remember to send me the URL by mail so I can link it here.


First Part:

Show and speak about the ingredients (what you will need to prepare the recipe and quantities)

Show and speak about the utensils (saucepan, spoon, how hot the oven must be, etc…)

Second Part:

Show and explain how to make it (comment as you go along and use the appropriate verbs (add, slice, chop, beat, etc) to describe the process – also remember to mark the transitions with expressions like: first, then, once you have…before +Ving, after +Ving, while, finally, etc…

Third Part:

Once your recipe is ready, show and comment on the final product. You may have a taste, but bring some to share it in class with the others. Some of you may want to add the “bloopers” but remember that the whole video should not go over 5 minutes and each member of the group will have to speak (about the same amount of time)

Layout: Remember to use an introduction slide with your first names (no family names) and the subject of your video. Also use an ending slide crediting people for what they did (and external music or photos if you used any).


You will be evaluated as to the use, wealth and appropriate vocabulary connected to cooking, correct structures, intelligibility (spoken clarity, pronunciation, comprehensibility) and quality of the takes (clear shots). Rubric sheet – pdf in French (Criteres Evaluation de l’Oral)


4ème 1

Lance and Juan

Laura and Sophie

Luiz, Sarah and Maxime

Malena and Camille

Lorenzo and Thomaz

Yannick and Gregoire

Martin, Maximilien and Sebastien

Diandra and Marina

Yanik, Takumi and Hugo

Appoline and Claire

Tony and Thierry


4ème 2

Claire and Clara

Tiago and Leonardo

Andrea, Thomas and Alex

Cyril and Maxence

Gael and Jean Michel (on VoiceThread)


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