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Comic Vine is a place for superheroes, where you can not only read about them but also discuss them and create your own. Every superhero has his or her own page, with basic bio information as well as a list of “powers,” such as intellect, super strength, and stamina. Read the whole review on TechCrunch.

Who are your favourite superheroes and what super powers do they have? Tell us who your Super Lover hero or heroine is 🙂


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No flights

No flights

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After a 9:30 hour flight to JFK, we managed to land at 6 am in spite of the frost. However, my connection to Seattle just like most of the outgoing flights at J.F.K airport in NY had been cancelled.

I was told the next flight to Seattle would leave only at 17 pm and as it was already overbooked, I was put on the stand by list with the warning I might have to wait for the next one (Sunday at 17:00). The prospect of having to spend 24 hours there awakened my survival skills and after a coffee at Starbucks and taking this pic, I decided to look for a nicer place to spend the day. I went to the Crown business room and for $ 25 got a pass to use all the facilites (drinks, coffee, water, fruit and snacks + wireless connection + comfortable seating and also the possibility to have a nice warm shower).

I worked on my presentations, corrected my stds tests and checked my mail. Also met Valerie Jakar from Israel, who is at the same convention so the afternoon was much lighter . I managed to get my flight to Seattle at 5 and landed here at 9:40. Got into the hotel at 11 and after a wonderful sleep, going out to see Seattle in a second.


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Stuck in the tunnel

Stuck in the tunnel

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This is what Sao Paulo looked like on Friday 16th March at 7 pm after 73 milimiters of heavy rain flooded 79 places and provoked 183 km of the worst traffic jam recored this year!

This was taken from the bus which was taking me to the airport , inside the Anhangabau Tunnel, where we spent at least one hour. I thought I would never meke it for my flight at 10 pm. Fortunately I managed to get there at 8:40 just to face another endless queue to go through police inspection.


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A Ball on the Piazza in Venice

Venice Sim

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On Friday afternoon, after attending the campfire at Boracay, Xon messaged me in Second Life saying he was writing a report on a new sim to be opened that night: Venice Island. He invited me to join by sending me the landmark and announced there would be a maskerade ball in the evening to launch the event.

It would not be possible for me to attend it because I was leaving to the countryside that weekend, so I invited Stephen from NZ (who happened to have stayed with me, chatting at Boracay) to explore the island in the afternoon. We found a gondola, sat down and Stephen took the oars and steered the boat along the canals. Lots of quaint little shops and artsy galleries and spaces to rent.

On Sunday evening, I logged in again to find a number of residents and promotes organizing a Renaissance ball. Melody very kindly offered me this beautiful blue ball gown and off I went swirling along only stopping for a moment to have a lime gelatto.

Great open space and atmosphere.


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Teach my children French

Anne Fox on 43Things wishes she could teach her children French. I have done it and it was worth it.

French is not my mother tongue. As a matter of fact, not even my second language but my 4th. However, I decided to bring up and educate my children in French because my husband speaks it and because they would learn Portuguese (we live in Brazil) anyway.

I must say it was not easy at the beginning because my knowledge of written French was restricted to what I read in books and newspapers and my oral practice was with adult friends. I had no vocabulary for children who are growing up, asking questions about the nature of things and specific household objects.

I bought books with stories for children, which I read for them every night. I bought tapes and films, which we listened to and finally I sent them to the bilingual school where I presently work.

Today they speak 4 languages fluently: Portuguese, French, English and Spanish.

The more languages you learn when you are young, the easier it becomes to understand and learn others.


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A true nature’s child

I’ve been working too hard. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Although I cannot complain about what I have been doing because I really enjoy it, I need some rest from my routine. Need some real action out there, take the world in a love embrace. Need to hit the open road, get seriously lost and travel for some time without a set destination, without a goal, either on a 4×4 tout terrain or a nice motorcycle. Maybe I should change my looks as well. Radical change. How do you fancy this style? Born to be wild 🙂

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Museum Hotel

Museum Hotel

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We stayed at the Museum Hotel near the TePapa Museum, Wellington.

It’s all painted black outside and the decor inside is just incredible! Several motorcycles, works of art, chandeliers and a very dark and gothic atmosphere. The rooms are spacious and luxurious.
Read some more about the history of this hotel, which was transported on wheels.


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