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Museum Hotel

Museum Hotel

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We stayed at the Museum Hotel near the TePapa Museum, Wellington.

It’s all painted black outside and the decor inside is just incredible! Several motorcycles, works of art, chandeliers and a very dark and gothic atmosphere. The rooms are spacious and luxurious.
Read some more about the history of this hotel, which was transported on wheels.



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Last week I went to the restaurant with my husband, my brother and my sister in law as it was her birthday. We chose to dine at the Vicolo Nostro, a fine Italian restaurant here in Sao Paulo. I had never been there but Claudia told me I couldn't miss the visit.

The restaurant is housed in an ancient German bread factory so the rooms are ample and the walls are made of brick, which gives a warm and cosy look to the place. There are five different rooms you can choose from, all beautifully decorated with objects, paintings brought from Italy. We stayed on the verandah as it was a warm night. Fortunately we had booked beforehand – it was full and people kept on coming.

The food and wine were supreme – I had lamb chops ( costoletta d'agnello ) with soft polenta and mushrooms – my mouth is watering again. Now the best was the dessert. I have even taken a photo. A roll of drums: this is the Crostata di latte brûlé con pistacchio. To die for, isn´t it?

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Oh…I have just noticed it’s ages since I last posted here. Time just flies!

I am presently enjoying a short break from school – only one week…I wish I could stay away a little longer as I have so many things to do!

What I wanted to share with you today is my new photo account.

I have recently bought a new digital camera, which I just adorebecause it is small and light so I can take it everywhere with me and just click when I feel like capturing an interesting scene. You will notice I have organized my photos in several albums. Some photos are only open for friends and family so you will only be able to see the ones that are public.

You may ask yourselves the reason for some of these photos as they do not seem to relate to anything. Well, let me explain. I am a member of several groups who set a theme. So you will find for instance countryside scenes..or all kinds of windows… curves …and interesting shop signs. I must say this has been a very enriching experience, as I not only see the city and objects from a different perspective but also learn from checking what other people have posted and comment on their work.

Is there anything you would like me to photograph for you ? What photo is your favourite and why?

Looking forward to reading you


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