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One Web Day

One Web Day was organized by Susan Crawford to celebrate the Internet and promote free and open global communication. The first took place last year and the next will be celebrated this coming Saturday, September 22nd.

Check how the Web has impacted the lives of people this century and make a film, post your testimonial:

+ how the web has changed your life

+ how you’d like the web to change the world in the future

+ highlights of what you’ve seen online the day you make the video

+ your favorite online event ever

+ something you’ve done online with other people in other countries

What threatens it and how can YOU help protect it?


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The power of images

Talented documentary maker Jehane Noujaim , who was awarded the 2006 TED prize, speaks of her wish to use the power of images to make people better understand our common humanity, help them “see themselves in others” and accept diversity.

She is taking the steps to make it happen together with a team of other creative visionaires. On May 10th 2008, they are organizing Pangea Day, a 4-hour event to be video-conferenced live to the whole world from New York, London, Rio, Dharamsala, Cairo, Jerusalem and Kigali.

You are invited to participate and contribute with a 5-minute snippet. This short trailer is just an example of what can be done and you can find more information on how to join on the Pangea Day website.

Do you think that people have the power to enact change in our world through images and films?


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Comic Vine

Comic Vine is a place for superheroes, where you can not only read about them but also discuss them and create your own. Every superhero has his or her own page, with basic bio information as well as a list of “powers,” such as intellect, super strength, and stamina. Read the whole review on TechCrunch.

Who are your favourite superheroes and what super powers do they have? Tell us who your Super Lover hero or heroine is 🙂

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