No flights

No flights

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After a 9:30 hour flight to JFK, we managed to land at 6 am in spite of the frost. However, my connection to Seattle just like most of the outgoing flights at J.F.K airport in NY had been cancelled.

I was told the next flight to Seattle would leave only at 17 pm and as it was already overbooked, I was put on the stand by list with the warning I might have to wait for the next one (Sunday at 17:00). The prospect of having to spend 24 hours there awakened my survival skills and after a coffee at Starbucks and taking this pic, I decided to look for a nicer place to spend the day. I went to the Crown business room and for $ 25 got a pass to use all the facilites (drinks, coffee, water, fruit and snacks + wireless connection + comfortable seating and also the possibility to have a nice warm shower).

I worked on my presentations, corrected my stds tests and checked my mail. Also met Valerie Jakar from Israel, who is at the same convention so the afternoon was much lighter . I managed to get my flight to Seattle at 5 and landed here at 9:40. Got into the hotel at 11 and after a wonderful sleep, going out to see Seattle in a second.



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5 responses to “No flights

  1. Hi Barbara!

    I was drawn to this post of yours, because I had a similar experience at La Guardia (NY) where I had to wait for my flight for 7 hours. I was sitting there in a lind of stupor and time flew by surprisingly fast.

    Tip: I don’t know if you guys have “Starbucks” in Brazil, but in the States you should try Chai (it’s Indian spice tea with milk). It’s much better in Indian restaurants, but still try it at Starbucks. I’ve been to Seattle. Just love the city! There’s a really nice vegetarian restaurant called Silence-Heart-Nest ( I frequented.

  2. Bee

    Thanks for the suggestion, Anna and I hope I will not face the same pb when I go back.

  3. Seattle is where the grunge group Nirvana was born 😀

  4. NY’s snow storms are terribles aren’t they? I was told that and I think the guy who told it to me was right,by the photo. I hope this won’t happen to me when I”ll go to the Big Apple.

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