Stuck in the tunnel

Stuck in the tunnel

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This is what Sao Paulo looked like on Friday 16th March at 7 pm after 73 milimiters of heavy rain flooded 79 places and provoked 183 km of the worst traffic jam recored this year!

This was taken from the bus which was taking me to the airport , inside the Anhangabau Tunnel, where we spent at least one hour. I thought I would never meke it for my flight at 10 pm. Fortunately I managed to get there at 8:40 just to face another endless queue to go through police inspection.



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6 responses to “Stuck in the tunnel

  1. São Paulo is on a chaos those days that are raining that much! When we know that is going to rain, it is better to leave home earlier than normally ^_^

  2. This day I’m in the storm to!! Ihave spend # hours in the traffic.

  3. Heyyy!
    That’s a very interesting post, because it illustrates exactly the São Paulo streets situation during a rainny day.
    In fact, this tunnel uses to be very crowded, so we can’t imagine it at a rainny day, right?!
    But that’s how people living in a big city like São Paulo deal with it!

  4. Heyy teacher!!! How are you???

    I think this photo is very funny, I liked it so much!
    I just imagine the faces of the persons who were there!
    I pitied them!
    Sao Paulo is always like that. The traffic in Sao Paulo is always heavy!
    Well, that’s it!!

    Bye Bye teacher!!!

  5. Sao Paulo is a big city and I think that this traffic is normal because there is 5 millions in all the city.

    That is a interesting photo, and I´ve been not suprised when I saw it because I see traffics like that every day!

    bye teacher!

  6. Rodrigo

    I think tihis picture shows exactly how Sao Paulo is in a rainy day. The traffic is usually terrible in the big cities like Sao Paulo but when it rains it gets a lot worst. I hate to be stuckin traffic.

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