A Ball on the Piazza in Venice

Venice Sim

Originally uploaded by beewebhead.

On Friday afternoon, after attending the campfire at Boracay, Xon messaged me in Second Life saying he was writing a report on a new sim to be opened that night: Venice Island. He invited me to join by sending me the landmark and announced there would be a maskerade ball in the evening to launch the event.

It would not be possible for me to attend it because I was leaving to the countryside that weekend, so I invited Stephen from NZ (who happened to have stayed with me, chatting at Boracay) to explore the island in the afternoon. We found a gondola, sat down and Stephen took the oars and steered the boat along the canals. Lots of quaint little shops and artsy galleries and spaces to rent.

On Sunday evening, I logged in again to find a number of residents and promotes organizing a Renaissance ball. Melody very kindly offered me this beautiful blue ball gown and off I went swirling along only stopping for a moment to have a lime gelatto.

Great open space and atmosphere.



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4 responses to “A Ball on the Piazza in Venice

  1. marieq19

    I love this place! Venise is my favorite place in all the world. Have you allready go there?

  2. Hi
    Last week I read an article from a magazine talking about Second Life. I was very impressed because it is really a second life where you manage real money!I also like Venise very much.

  3. this picture is so beautifull … I love the colours and the effects .. and i love venise =)

  4. nice picture! I would like to be in venise!

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