Teach my children French

Anne Fox on 43Things wishes she could teach her children French. I have done it and it was worth it.

French is not my mother tongue. As a matter of fact, not even my second language but my 4th. However, I decided to bring up and educate my children in French because my husband speaks it and because they would learn Portuguese (we live in Brazil) anyway.

I must say it was not easy at the beginning because my knowledge of written French was restricted to what I read in books and newspapers and my oral practice was with adult friends. I had no vocabulary for children who are growing up, asking questions about the nature of things and specific household objects.

I bought books with stories for children, which I read for them every night. I bought tapes and films, which we listened to and finally I sent them to the bilingual school where I presently work.

Today they speak 4 languages fluently: Portuguese, French, English and Spanish.

The more languages you learn when you are young, the easier it becomes to understand and learn others.



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5 responses to “Teach my children French

  1. The way you teached your children French is nice ^_^ There are not many people who would think of that and who would be so dedicated to it =) Congratulations! =D

  2. I think that it is very good to teach one more language to someone else. I think that it is best to learn when we are children because it is right that when the people are taught young, they learn more easily. And it is always nice and interesting to learn a new language because it “opens many doors”.

  3. Hi Bee,
    I’m Camila, I come from Chile and I’m 19 years old.
    I’m trying to learn english, I am going to be English teacher in a future (a soon future I hope).
    I like so much the way that you teach your children…
    Four languages!! thats great!!
    I like so much the Language in general, and I would like to learn and learn languages all my life… And teach them to others, of course.
    Congratulations for your dedication with the pedagogy.

  4. yohana catrinahuel

    I´m yohana , I´m trying to be teacher…but I hope to be a good teacher and teach good


  5. alex ithal

    I bet that is so hard to learn 4 lenguages.

    gggggggggggoo ahead, is very good that you are doing, I am chilean and I am study english pedagogy, so I know that to learn others idioms is so hard.


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