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I took this picture when I arrived in Wellington. The World of Wearable Art (Wow) is an annual International Art and Fashion event where designers can enter garments of wearable art . This is an example.



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2 responses to “WOW

  1. Amazing! What an interest thing! You must have seen a lot of diferent arts isn’t it? It’s nice to see lots of arts and fashion “types”, because we are always envolved by those who dominate the majority of the world. And if you are different of this majority, you are under prejudice. So people should look more about the culture of the other countries, and try to understand them, not to laugh about it, right?

  2. Bee

    Absolutely, Nathalia. You hit the nail on the head. When in contact with another culture, people or way of living, open your eyes and ears, try to understand what is happening and why.

    Most people feel it is comfortable and easy to enclose themselves in their own known practice and perspectives. This attitude, however, does not allow them to see the many colours out there and restricts considerably their vision of the world and consequently their mind.

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