Museum Hotel

Museum Hotel

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We stayed at the Museum Hotel near the TePapa Museum, Wellington.

It’s all painted black outside and the decor inside is just incredible! Several motorcycles, works of art, chandeliers and a very dark and gothic atmosphere. The rooms are spacious and luxurious.
Read some more about the history of this hotel, which was transported on wheels.



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5 responses to “Museum Hotel

  1. Hi
    Thank you for your comment in my blog. I’d like to know you. What your name ? Where are you from?
    I can speak english just a little.


  2. I live in Brasil. I’m a teenager. I’m Canadian. I love all kind of moto but more sports ones like in the picture.

  3. nice moto. I love this kind of moto beacause for them it doesn’t exist traffic, and their faster then normal cars, plus, its pretty.

  4. Cristian


    Nice blog. I like very much this motorcycles. I mean this kind of moto.I’d like to have some day this Motocycle, but I preffer a car.

  5. Francisca

    hi barbara
    I think the museum is incredible!, I like to see differents things,and the bigs and old buildings.
    the moto is very pretty.
    I am a student of inglish here in Chile.
    I really like to visit some day that place .

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