Unconference in Christchurch

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We arrived in Christchurch in the evening , met the teachers late in the morning, had a take away Chinese lunch in the same room and flew out to Northland in the evening.
The main themes started emerging here.



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3 responses to “Unconference in Christchurch

  1. Lol

    Hi teacher!
    So, you met others English teachers there, right?
    Did you like them? Did you talk about your own experiences?
    I hope you did!

  2. Lucas

    hello teacher, it is lucas again
    are the other teachers cool??
    Was the chinese lunch good?? I prefer japanese food
    bye bye

  3. Johanna L

    Hello again teacher!
    You must be so bored reading those comments when you could be enjoying 100% your trip! I love Chinese food! And Japanese food also! I think you liked it right?
    Well, enought! I’m going for good!
    Bye Bye!

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