Tutukaka Oceans

Originally uploaded by beewebhead.

After a full day in Northland we drove to Tutukaka and celebrated the Spring Equinox with a wonderful dinner in the evening. Unfortunately , I came down with a cold on this day and was not feeling very well so went to bed early and missed Rose playing the piano.



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4 responses to “Tutukaka Oceans

  1. Johanna L.

    Hello teacher!
    It’s to bad you have missed Rose playing the piano and that you got sick! It seems that you are having a lot of fun! Those places look wonderful!
    Bye bye teacher!

  2. Carol K.

    I can’t believe you lost rose plyaing piano!! hahahahahah
    I so sorry if you’re sick!
    I hope you get better!
    bye bye

  3. Charlie

    the picure is wonderful!!NZ looks like amazing. The travel is it good? What are you doing in the university??”palestras”…bye

  4. Charlie

    the picture is wonderful!!NZ looks amazing.Is your trip good? What are you doing in the university??”conference”…bye

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