Tutukaka Marina

Originally uploaded by beewebhead.

This is the view we had from our hotel window. I went for a stroll in the morning before breakfast and took a series of pictures of the area. Tutukaka is one of the hot test diving spots in the area.



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10 responses to “Tutukaka Marina

  1. This photograph reminds me paraty.

    Goos souvenirs, good days …

  2. Marie Cavelan


    The picture’s great! I loved!
    It looks so relaxing.
    I wish I could be there.

    So lucky you are!


  3. Laura G.

    uuaauu !! what an amazing view!!! Your hotel must be great! The picture is very beautiful! It looks very calm and relaxing ^^ I wish I had a view like this from my bedroom window

  4. Carol K.

    Hi teacher!
    We miss you so much!!
    I think this is very relaxing for you to see this landscape everyday!

  5. Laurac

    It’s a wonderful seascape!!
    It seams to be very hot in Tutukaka.
    I hope you’re enjoying the trip.

  6. Pauline

    Hey teacher,
    that is a very nice picture!!I wish I was there!
    I know a place that looks similar to that picture.I hope you’re having fun!

  7. Ariel

    Good morning teacher!
    Are you having a nice trip? It looks wonderful, the marina, the seal… They are all nice picture. It’s like a professional picture. This is my last comment.
    bye bye

  8. lucasj

    Hey teacher…How are you??
    Nice view you have from your hotel room!
    Tutukaka Marinadiving should be a nice city for who likes water sports.

  9. Mathilde

    hi teacher,
    this picture strikes my attention because it reminds me Nice. A lot of my friends live there! This picture is beautiful and relaxing. Have fun

  10. marie L.

    what a nice view! You are so lucky!!!!
    It’s seems to be a sunny day, isn’t it?


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