Private Plane?

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We stayed in Northland for a day (unconference in the morning, light snacks and meetings in the afternoon). We flew to Auckland and from there to Whangarei on this little plane.



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7 responses to “Private Plane?

  1. Uauu!!!

    this plane is very small…

  2. clementg

    hello m.dieu
    this plan is very small hehe!!1
    i never went to a plan like this in my life hehe
    byebye teacher

  3. Laurac

    Hi teacher!
    This plane is so different!
    But it looks very comfortable.
    You’re travelling a lot and visiting many beautiful places!
    Enjoy the trip!

  4. Johanna L

    Hi teacher!
    You are right! The plane is too little! Here, we are studying a lot with the new teacher, and then, when you will be back, we will be 100% prepared! I hope you are enjoying your trip a lot! Come back soon teacher!
    Bye bye!

  5. Pablo

    Hi teacher I hope your trip is very very nice and all thing you have seen were very very very nice; Good bye.

  6. Pablo

    Hi tacher I hope your trip is ver very nice and all things you are seing are very nice and I hope you come back soon.

  7. Hi again!
    How is the weather in New Zealand? This plane looks cramped but at least it flies.. hehehehehehe.
    When are you coming back?

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