Baby Seal

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As the boat toured the islands, we kept our eyes open for animals. This is the only seal we saw, and notice how difficult it is to see it as its colour blends with the rocks behind.



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23 responses to “Baby Seal

  1. clementg

    hello teacher

    so cool that animal hehehe

  2. laurac

    Hello teacher!
    The seal is really nice!!
    It must have been exciting to see
    a seal so close.
    The photo is very beautiful!

  3. Marie Cavelan


    I’ve never seen a seal in live.
    I really wanted to be there.
    I love animals like this one. They’re so sweet.


  4. derhen

    Animal are this way you know, there are adapted to theiur environement. that make it difficult for predators to eat them out.
    Seal are so fluffy. I would love to be there to see it

  5. Joel

    Hello there!
    Seals are so cute!
    I already saw one at Cap Horn, but there was a lots of them..They stink so much…It’s horrible!!

  6. Lol

    Wonderful photo! Really!
    The different tones of brown are beautiful.
    I’ve never seen a seal like this one, but it’s so cute! I loved it!

  7. Luana

    Hi teacher!
    How are you? Do you like the Baby Seal?
    It seems very cool, I would like to see the animals

  8. Yann

    Hey teacher,
    Strange animal hean?!
    I’ve never heard about tis animal,
    he doesn’t seem to be very cute to me

  9. marie l.

    hi teacher!
    I took some time to see the little seal!=]
    it’s really cute! I would like to be there!!


  10. Hi teacher.
    How are you doing? This picture is amasing! Seals are really cute specially this little one. I love them but I have never seen a real one. It must have been very exciting. Good luck
    Bye bye

  11. mathilde

    hi teacher! Ohh you are soo lucky I always wanted to see a seal in real, that animal is so cute!!! I hope you have lots of fun! We loved the new teacher she’s so nice. Have fun!

  12. Ariel Levy

    Hey teacher!!
    This is my seconde comment. The contrast of the seal and stone makes it an excellent picture. It’s a really really nice picture.

  13. melody

    Hi teacher!
    Oh, the seal is so lovely! =D
    Have you seen other interesting animals?
    bye bye!

  14. lucasj

    Hi teacher..How are you doing?
    Nice trip you have done! Do you like Baby Seal?
    It’s a strange animal, isn’t it?
    Enjoy your travel in New Zealand!

  15. jacques

    ohhhh nice this photo, we are enjoying the wisdom of the new teacher.

  16. pauline

    How cute that little thing!!!Are they other animals over there?
    Can you tell us a little more about the tradicions?
    see you

  17. i like tehe colors of the pictures…it’s very natural…

  18. Hello teacher!

    Is so beautiful this photo and the baby seal is so cute. I think you really like this travel.I would be there to see the animals too!!


  19. Hi teacher!
    The photo is so beautiful. I wanted to be there to see a baby seal too!

  20. wayane

    hello teacher !!
    this photo is so beautiful .
    I like the colors of the pictures .
    Seals are really cute , i love animals .
    bye bye ..

  21. Hi teacher!!!

    I have to say this picture is really nice. I have always been attracted to animals since I was a kid.

    2 weeks ago I saw a movie about Chinese tacking animal fur that crushed me into crying. I think that torture on animals is the worst thing a human been can do.

    Now every time I see an animal I think about that movie. I wish I could imprison them. When I grow up I want to be an animal saver..
    If you want to participate to my petition just leave me a comment!

  22. vanesa villacura

    Hi Barbara!!

    The picture is really beautiful…the seals are wonderful animals and I like them.

    I’m from chile…bye bye!!!

  23. Hi barbara!

    the seal is so beatiful, so sad that you didn`t see more.

    take care!

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