A seagull in Dunedin

Originally uploaded by beewebhead.
Jonathan Livingston having a rest?



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6 responses to “A seagull in Dunedin

  1. Hi teacher!! How is the trip?
    The new teacher is really nice. We loved her. The pictures are very beautiful. How is New Zealand? It must be amasing.

    Bye bye

    Ale and Bia

  2. Bee

    Hi Ale and Bia,
    I am happy you are well and that Karen is taking care of you. I have been rushing in and out, travelling along, meeting people and did not have much time to see the landscape. the connection is also unreliable so I have not had much time to upload it all.

  3. Jurek

    Hi Sis,

    Hope you are enjoying and having fun.
    Keep T and M posted as they miss news, and searching for them on the web is difficult.
    Landscape seems really fantastic and it is a pity you don’t have much time to appreciate it.
    On this side of the world it’s cold and wet.

  4. Annie

    you are on the other side of the world! It’s fantastic.
    I’d like to comment your trip on the white-board of the teacher-room. I’ll try to catch something from this site.

  5. Jade

    Hey Madame!
    How are you?
    The pictures of the blog are great.
    This seagull likes a stuffed toy!
    Your travel seems very nice and interesting.
    I hope you are enjoying it a lot.

    Take care!

  6. What a lovely bird… Less his beak , his eyes and his legs are red, all his body is white. He’s very funny and cute.

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