Dunedin morning/afternoon

It was a very cold night when I arrived in Dunedin. The wind was blowing so it was a bit bumpy out there in the sky before we landed at 8:30 pm. Leigh and Rose were out there to meet me and we waited a little bit more for Stephen to arrive and drive to the hotel. Nice room so after a hot shower I slipped into my comfortable pyjamas and I uploaded the first pictures to Flickr. Cool to have broadband in the room. Little did I know the broadband connection would cost me so much! To my disapointment, I did not manage to transform the recordings I had made on the plane to mp3 and I am still trying to figure out how to do it or find a tool. Audacity does not seem to function with WMA files on the Mac.
I went to bed at midnight and slept like a log until 5:30 am the following morning.

On Monday morning we met Stephen, Teemu and Rose for breakfast at the hotel. Leigh brought Konrad who had just arrived from Canada and after several cups of coffee, talking and getting to know each other, we walked out to the Octagon. We met Michael at the cafe (who came all the way from Adelaide, AU to the conference). It was fantastic to finally be f2f after so many years just corresponding and interacting virtually. Michael is just like online – warm and very friendly. Teemu was patient enough to show me how to use the wireless and although he had a Mac as well, we didn’t manage to convert the WMA files either.
Stephen left us for Stewart Island, as he felt like having some rest and contact with nature. Rose went out to buy her pyjamas for the night at the marae. Konrad, Michael, Teemu and I went for a stroll around town but I lost them and continued my exploration on my own before joining everyone else at the staff room of the Otago Polytechnic. We met Jo, Sean, Dawn, Bron, Terry, Caroline.



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9 responses to “Dunedin morning/afternoon

  1. Derhen

    Hello teacher, I hope you are doing well!!
    Dunedin seems to be cool, but cold too.

    I hope the guys that you are with are great because this must make the trip more cool.

    good bye

  2. Henrique

    Hy Teacher!I hope you you have a nice trip, I listetnned your record and viewed your photos, and it seems that NZ it’s a very cool country!Good Bye

  3. Lol

    Hi teacher!
    I hope you’re enjoying your trip. At last, it seems to be really beautiful. I saw the photos that you took, and they’re full of wonderful colors and contrasts.

    The new teacher is great, we liked her.

    Bye Madamme!

  4. Alice

    Hy teacher!!!

    how are you doing??

    I hope that you will learn how to manage the wma to mp3.
    I was wondering if you could bring us something from New Zealand. A little “souvenir”.

    So I wish you a good trip and enjoy a lot!

    see you!

  5. Laura G

    Hi teacher! How are you? Is your trip going well? Well..it looks like^^ I’ve seen the pictures you took and I’ve listened to the record. You have taken so beatiful pictures! I loved the picture of the trees! They look like the trees you can find in Japan =D
    Enjoy your trip^^

  6. Jade P

    Hello teacher!
    How are you?
    I hope you’re enjoying your trip!
    The pictures are great..NZ seems to be really nice!
    Have a nice trip!

    Bye Bye!

  7. Sounds like a great start to an unforgettable trip. Please tell us more when you find the time. Enjoy!

  8. Charlie

    Hi teacher??
    How are you??
    I hope the trip will very good and you will enjoy it!!
    Good trip….

  9. Klara Yang

    Wow, looks like your having a great time!
    I want to go too! lol

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