New Zealand! Here I am!

The plane to NZ was delayed so I had to spend the night in Buenos Aires. You can listen to the recording here.

On the flight, I interviewed a group of about 7 or 8 Brazilians flying to New Zealand and Australia to study English but need to upload the interviews to podomatic.

Do not have much time now and running off battery but you can check the first pictures on the Flickr account.

Will post more tonight.



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18 responses to “New Zealand! Here I am!

  1. Karen Lang

    Great photos, Barbara! So far, the 2èmes are great too!

    Take care and enjoy New Zealand. It looks absolutely beautiful there.

  2. Bee

    Thanks Karen
    We have finally got a steady connection and working to post all the material we have collected and tell you about it.

  3. clementg

    hello M.dieu
    I love the fotos that you made
    the new teacher is very sweet with us
    bye bye

  4. carol

    hiiiii theacher!!!
    how are you??
    I loved the photographs!
    bye bye
    we loved the new teacher too

  5. johanna

    we miss you and NZ seems very nice.
    come back soon!
    bye bye

  6. laurac

    hello teacher!
    the photos are very good!
    I hope that you are enjoying the trip.
    The class loved the new teacher.

  7. Marie Cavelan

    Hi Teacher,

    I loved the photos!
    I hope you’re having a great traveling.
    We’re fine with the new teacher, she’s cool.

    See you soon,

  8. Felipe M

    Teacher I really enjoyed your photos
    they´re so beutiful!!!!!
    I hope you´re liking the trip
    Good holidays

  9. Oh Teacher! I have just listened your recording…And I have make a theory: The memory can save us from running for your lives

  10. Yann

    Hey teacher, haha… almost lost your plane because of the computer hein?! Well, we’re in the computer room listening to the recording that you made… everyone is laughing beacuse you almost lost your plane. Well then keep leaving us recordings and don’t forget us!!!!!!

  11. Melody and Priscilla

    Hi teacher !!!
    how are you ?? … we are listening to your record and we laughed a lot when you said that you had forgotten your laptop and your camera you were lucky not to have missed your plane … we wish that you enjoy your travel
    bye bye
    your students Melody and Priscilla

  12. lucas j

    hello teacher…
    how are you???
    I hope you’re enjoing your travel in NZ..!


  13. anaclat

    hello teacher!
    i love the photos, it must be really beatuful there!
    have fun…

    bye bye

  14. anaclat

    hello teacher!
    i love the photos, it must be beautiful there!
    karen has been really nice to us…

    have fun…
    bye bye

  15. Teacher!!
    How could you forget the camera???
    The adventure has already started even thought you haven’t arrived in NZ.
    Enjoy it!

  16. Nathalie

    teacher we miss you..hope you enjoy your travel.kisses

  17. Melina

    hey teatcher!!
    I hope you’re having fun in New Zealand because your voice in the recording didn’t seem very well…
    I hope you’ll manage to feel nice after so much time flying. How many hours did you have to stay in the plane?

  18. fabiola89

    Teacher !!
    How are you??
    I liked the photos!!
    your story made me laugh!! =]

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