In July I was a speaker at two conferences. In Brasilia  for the national Braz-Tesol conference and also in Santiago (Chile) for the national IATEFL conference.  

Fortunately, in Santiago it was not as cold as I had expected and when I came back I managed to have awonderful sunny week with the family on the beach in Toque Toque Pequeno. We also went sailing around Ilhabela.

Classes have started again and I am working hard. Good news is that I was invited for a 10-day Open Conference in New Zealand in September.



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9 responses to “Back

  1. 10 days in New Zealand. That sounds awfully nice. I’ve been thinking about you lately and ondering how you are doing. I hope your holidays were enjoyable and that yo are rready to begin another school year.

  2. Bee

    Hi Clarence,
    It is a dream, isn’t it? I would love to plug the kids into it. When do you start and which class do you have this year? We could get them together.

  3. What a wonderful event you’ll be engaged in! You deserve to be there. Please, keep us informed.

    Enjoy your trip. I think travelling is a hard work, either for pleasure or work.


  4. Hi Bee
    Will you be joining in the CLESOL conference at Napier (NZ) after your ten-day Open Conference, or will you be all conferenced out by then? 🙂

  5. I´m sure you´ll represent us all very well Bee.
    Work hard but enjoy yourself. I´ll try and follow things over the web and your blog

  6. How lucky, New Zealand! I’ve just started an p2p exchange (through dekita, of course) with a class from there (william Lucas is the teacher,

    A colleague is participating, Sean Fitzerald. You may meet him. I did some podcasting training with him. Great professional.

    Any chance of coming to Sydney? Not far…

  7. Ale Weser

    What a fantastic opportunity, Bee! I can imagine how excited you must be. We will be looking forward to your posts from New Zealand.

  8. Randa effat

    Hi bee
    it’s been a while since i’ve posted anything on webheads,though i try to read most of the posts.Ur trip to NZ inspired me to acknowledge ur efforts and thank u for continous support and motivation i hope to follow up with this open conference through ur BLOG this absoloutly a dream come true.

  9. Felipe M

    Hi teacher,
    I think that´s a great travel for you.
    Are you meeting new people???

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