Last week I went to the restaurant with my husband, my brother and my sister in law as it was her birthday. We chose to dine at the Vicolo Nostro, a fine Italian restaurant here in Sao Paulo. I had never been there but Claudia told me I couldn't miss the visit.

The restaurant is housed in an ancient German bread factory so the rooms are ample and the walls are made of brick, which gives a warm and cosy look to the place. There are five different rooms you can choose from, all beautifully decorated with objects, paintings brought from Italy. We stayed on the verandah as it was a warm night. Fortunately we had booked beforehand – it was full and people kept on coming.

The food and wine were supreme – I had lamb chops ( costoletta d'agnello ) with soft polenta and mushrooms – my mouth is watering again. Now the best was the dessert. I have even taken a photo. A roll of drums: this is the Crostata di latte brûlé con pistacchio. To die for, isn´t it?

Click here for the original size.



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2 responses to “Outing

  1. Il est midi et je suis en train de travailler. Votre message me donne une faim de loup…

  2. Joana Pereira

    Was in a restaurant tha I could the one who is now my favourite dish off all. My favourite dish is sushi. which is fish that hasn´t been cooked. I went to a japanese restaurant with my parents. They ask for some hot meals, like tempura or noodle soup, but I hadn’t no doubts, I had to trie the sushi and sashimi. I was I affraid I didn’t like it, because I don’t like many kinds off food, I hate meat, codfish, frech fries…But when I satarted eating sushi I couldn’t stop. I was like heven!! Now I eat sushi whenever I can, and I even celebrated my birthday on a sushi bar!

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