Your favourite dish

One of my favourite dishes is not Brazilian but Japanese: sushi and sashimi.

Poetry for the mouth and a painting for the eyes!

Have you ever tried using chopsticks to grab thinly sliced raw fish and little rice patties topped with seafood (shrimp, squid or roe) and vegetables?

I am also very fond of Thai food, Italian pasta and sauces, French typical dishes like escargots, frog legs, bouillabaisse and provençal dishes, Spanish paella and fideuá, Polish dumplings and barscz.

What are your favourite dishes and what cuisine do you favour?



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9 responses to “Your favourite dish

  1. Peter Ford

    Hi Bee,Great to see you over here again!

  2. teresa

    Salut! Moi,je n’ai jamais mangé sushi pourtant j’aime bien goûter des plats de différents pays! et si j’ai l’occasion de le faire je vous le écrirai Moi,je n’ai pas un plat ou une cuisine préféré…mais j’aime bien les fruits de mer et j’ai mangé les baguettes des crabes:) c’est vraiment bon! Et vous? Avez-vous goûté la cuisine polonaise?

  3. I love Italian and Spanish food. They are so varied and good! Did you see that Pearl Lee, from Holland, on the French blog, has published a recipe for sushi. I’ll try it!

  4. Talking about your favourite dish is so hard… First of all, there’s PIZZA. Pizza is simply perfect. Pizza is wonderful. Pizza is …………………………………….Pizza. Then, in the second place, there’s a draw between strogonoff, popcorn, fried chicken, chocolate, white chocolate, white chocolate with biscuits, french fries, barbecue (specially "picanha") and camembert cheese.

  5. cristina

    I love Italian food… pastas and etc.. but what i like at most its lasagne!! kisses

  6. Elena

    My favourite dish its pizza, of course!! =) Also I love Ucrainian food! 🙂

  7. gabriela

    hummm very delicious… here in Brazil there isn’t the is kind food

  8. hummm it seems very delicious!! one of my favourites dishes is a tipical dish from Brazil that we call bolo de fub!

  9. My wife in Japanese and we have regularly eaten this type of food recently. Up until a year or so ago I had been vegetarian for 25 years, and she for 10. Which begs the question . . .

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