Witam wszystkich
Greetings to all
Bonjour tout le monde

Mario has just offered me this cosy space on the web to post my comments, reflections and interact with you. Thank you Mario. It is a pleasure to be in such fine company.

So, let me start by introducing myself. My name's Barbara Dieu but many people online call me just Bee and this is also my avatar. Why Bee? Well…because I used to sign B and later because I became as busy as a bee…buzzing in cyberspace

At home, my family calls me Basia, a diminutive for Barbara in Polish. Although I was born (Rio de Janeiro) and brought up in Brazil, my parents taught me the language and I am very grateful to them for that because undertanding your parents' language makes you more aware of your roots.

As there were no other Polish families where I lived, I thought for a long time Polish was a secret language only we spoke. You can imagine how astonished I was when the first Polish family visited us ! I thought they had broken the code!



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7 responses to “Intro

  1. Welcome to the project, Barbara! Currently the Polish schools are on their 2-week winter break – that’s 50% of our bloggers out of action, so things are rather quiet at the moment. Hopefully the enthusiasm will pick up when everybody returns from skiing camp!!

  2. Karolina Michno

    Hello Barbara!It’s great you’re here, with us : ) I’m from Poland and I admire you and your enthusiasm to learning Polish language. Most of people, who have Polish roots don’t learn Polish, because it’s very difficuilt, quite strange and hard to learn language. So you speak Polish, English and Spanish, don’t you? I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish langugage, and I’ll probably start learning on my summer holidays in June. I can’t wait, because it’s so melodic and unique language. I would be grateful if you can tell me something about difficulties in learning Spanish.I’d like to invite you to see and comment my blog.Best wishes

  3. Karolina M is one of our very talented and prolific bloggers – in fact, as a special reward she’s had her blog unmoderated! Karolina, it’s best to log on first before posting a comment so that your signature on the comment links directly to your blog. Good luck with your Spanish! I like your avatar, Barbara – I promise I’ll let you put it directly in your post in the not TOO distant future!!

  4. Hi BarbaraI’m Helena and I don’t speak English. If it’s possible I can send you my comments in Polish….

  5. Hello Karolina and Helena,Wow! Thank you for responding so quickly to my post… I will post your answers in the main body of the blog so that everyone can read it and learn a bit more about me and the country where I live.

  6. Mercè

    Barbara,It’s great to meet you once more in one of the ECML forums. Thanks for your active participation.I hope we’ll meet some day in Barcelona.All the best,Mercè

  7. Great to hear from you Mercè. I promise I will contact you when I go to Barcelona. Looking forward to it :-)Bee

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